Monday, 10th September 2018

An important announcement regarding

After a long and in-depth analysis of the current situation on the cryptocurrency market, including BTC's exchange rate (plus the predictions for the next few weeks regarding this matter), and the level of profitability delivered by crypto mining at the moment, we came to the conclusion that it's impossible for us to launch our new version of the Program and keep the old Pay Plans where the daily payout was so high. What's more, with the current price of Bitcoin being below $6300/BTC which is nearly 60% less than the price on the day when we went offline, and the expected high volume of withdrawal requests during the first few days or even weeks after our re-launch, it would be impossible for us to keep a smooth and stable cash flow, thefore we believe that at some stage our Program could simply lose the ability to serve you the way we would like it to do it.

Since we already have 3 brand new Programs ready for the launch and we would be very happy to see you joining us in these business ventures, we have decided that we need to take some serious steps to solve the current problem associated with and make sure that each and every member of our Program is satisfied with the way we've handled the situation.


Please find below a brief description of what's going to happen next:

We are not going to re-launch What we'll do instead is we will go through all the accounts within our database and flag the ones with the negative balance (where the total amount of deposits is higher than the total amount of withdrawals). We'll then calculate how much did every person having a negative balance lost. Finally we'll process a payment for this particular amount to make sure that every account with a negative balance changes into the account with the neutral balance (where the total amount of deposits is equal to the total amount of withdrawals). In other words we'll make sure that there won't be a single person who has lost even a dollar in our Program. This should fix the current situation once and for all.

Please note that because of the current BTC price/exchange rate we'll have to reach out very deep into our pocket to process all these payments for the accounts having a negative balance. With the current price of BTC being below $6300/BTC and the one in December exceeding $10,000/BTC we'll have to add between 55% and 60% from our own pocket. We know that most of you have participated in different online Programs therefore you know exactly that under such circumstances the owners rarely act like we are going to do it. Usually Programs disappear and the last thing people can count on is the honesty and integrity of the owners - like in this particular case of our


As we have mentioned below, we have 3 excellent Programs ready to go LIVE and we'll invite you to join us at least a week before these Programs will become available to the public. It will be an "early bird invitation" which is going to allow you to grab an excellent position and build your Teams before people from the open market will start to jump aboard. Obviously all these 3 Programs are properly adjusted to the current situation on the cryptocurrency market.


Now a final part with what exactly you should expect in the light of our today's announcement. As you know we have a very big number of accounts within the database. Now we'll have to go through all of them, flag the ones having a negative balance and calculate the amount needed to be paid out on each account of such kind in order to achieve the status of a neutral account. Then we'll prepare the list of such accounts, bitcoin addresses associated with them, and amounts for payout. Once we reach this stage we'll start to physically process all the payments. We'll also need to buy a big volume of BTC to cover the difference between today's price and the one we had in December (that was used for the calculation of deposit amounts). We'll try to purchase BTC in bulk to get some discount which would allow us to minimize our financial losses.


According to our calculations we need about 3-4 weeks to prepare the detailed list mentioned above and then not less than 4-5 weeks to physically process all the payments for the holders of the accounts having a negative balance on the day when our Program went offline.

Our goal is to process each and every payment for our members until the 31st October 2018.


Once we'll have a clear situation and no accounts with a negative balance within the system, we'll send out an invitation for you to join our new businesses. You'll have 7 days to do it before we'll make these Programs available to the public. This is our way to say THANK YOU for your patience and understanding. We'll make sure that you'll make BIG MONEY with us.


One last thing being pretty obvious but we'll mention it anyway. People having a positive balance on their accounts (the ones that generated a profit) don't have to take any action. Your accounts will be closed in the current form.


Now we're getting to work. We hope to do business with you again in November.


Yours sincerely,

Andrew Barnes and the Team @